India demands consular access to Kulbhushan Jadhav

Islamabad: India on Tuesday sought Kulbhushan Jadhav’s access, who was sentenced to death by Pakistani military court for alleged espionage. Indian High Commissioner in Islamabad told Gautam Bambawale during his meeting with Pakistan Foreign Secretary Tahmina Jangua. On April 19, a meeting between Bombawale and Janjua was rescheduled. Pakistan has refused India's requests for consular access to 46-year-old Jadhav, more than a dozen times in the last one year. Pakistan Army has already dismissed an opportunity to grant consular access to Jadhav, who was sentenced to death for espionage and destructive activities.

On April 14, Bambawal met Pakistani Foreign Secretary, India's concern about Jadhav's fate is increasing. He told the media after his meeting that he had asked for a copy of the list of charges and the actual copy of the decision of the military tribunal against Jadhav so that the appeal against his punishment could begin.
He also said that Indian international law grants consular access on a humanitarian basis. The Foreign Office of Pakistan has said that proper judicial proceeding was followed during Jadhav's hearing and he was given an attorney according to the relevant laws and the Constitution of Pakistan.
Jadhav had been sentenced to death by the Field General Court Marshal at the beginning of this month, citing a sharp reaction in India, Pakistan had warned that if "the former psychiatrist was killed" then Pakistan would have to face the dire consequences at bilateral relations.
Pakistan claims that its security forces had arrested Jadhav from the peaceful Balochistan province on March 3 last year on the border area of Iran. It was also claimed that he was "a serving officer in the Indian Navy."
After his arrest, the Pakistani army released a "unity" video of Jadhav. However, India denied Pakistan's rank and said that Jadhav was abducted by Pakistani officials.
India had acknowledged that Jadhav had worked with the Navy, but he denied that there was any connection with his government.