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Saturday, April 29, 2017

How to Prepare for SBI Bank PO?

The Exam Date of SBI Bank PO is 4th June, 2017The recruitment is advertised from time to time for the post of bank PO(Probationary Officers) by several banks. Advertisements for these jobs come in employment news and all-India level newspapers. There is a craze of doing bank job among the youths of today.

With experience and efficiency, young banks can reach top management from PO. Many youths want to make a career in the form of PO but they cannot join due to lack of guidance and correct information. Let's know as to what is required for the post of bank PO? What should be the qualification? How is the format of the exam? How are the question papers? How To Prepare For Success In The Bank Po Examination? So on and so forth.

1. Age limit:  Age limit of 18 to 30 years is fixed for the post of Probationary Officer in nationalized and public banks.

2. The minimum academic qualification: The minimum academic qualification for Bank PO is a bachelor's degree. In addition to BA, BCom, and BSc, Managing Agriculture and Engineering Graduates can also join its large number of examinations.

3. Bank Probationary Officer (P.O.) Examination and selection process: The selection process for the bank PO exam is in two stages. The first step is written examination and its question papers are in Hindi and English. In this examination, questions related to general knowledge and Hindi-English are asked.

4. Second Phase of Exam: After passing this examination, in the second phase, the participants have to answer 200 questions of general knowledge, Hindi, English and Mathematics subjects, for which two hours and fifteen minutes are given. After passing both the examinations, the successful candifates are called for an interview.

5. Should I Attempt all questions? The questions in the paper are of objective types. But, many questions are given in the middle of the paper, that is too lengthy and thus time consuming. It may take the time of solving 10 of the comparatively easier questions. You have to solve the questions that you are comfortable with, and not all. Try to solve difficult questions in the remaining time. The questions of Maths from Class 6-10 appear in the exam.

6. Mode of Preparation: Proper preparation is necessary for operational exams, group discussions and interviews for success in the Bank Probationary Officer Examination. Good advice for preparing for the Bank PO exam include  solving various types of questions, taking help from previous years' Solved Question Papers and reading Monthly Magazine of Competitive Examinations. Read regular newspapers to prepare for general knowledge. Read Grammar Books for the preparation of English. Reading NCERT's books  of Mathematics  from class 6th to 10th can prove to be of great help and benefit.

                                                   ---Sushmita Jha

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