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Monday, April 24, 2017

French Presidential election: Le Paine and McCoran get most Votes

In the presidential election of France held on Sunday, the voting percentage was two percent more than the last election. This year the voting percentage was 80 per cent. According to a poll of Ipsos after the poll, the novice Immanuel Macoron's predominant political leader, Marine Lee Penn, is expected to be ahead.
According to the survey, McRion is estimated to get 23.7 per cent and Le Pen 21.7 per cent of the votes. This has made it clear that in the first round no candidate has got 50 per cent votes. Now in the second round of May 7, there will be a direct fight between MacCon and Lee Pen.

Prior to this, votes were cast between 66 thousand 546 polling booths in France. National Front Chief Lee Pen in Henin Beaumont, and McCorman voted at the Normandy resort. President Fran├žois Hollande voted in Tula area.
Massive voting is seen as a sign of anger towards corruption, terrorism and boring political system. In 2012, 79.48 percent voting was registered, while this time the turnout was 80 percent.

If the 39-year-old Macrone wins, he will be the youngest president. Macron's non-political image is public. They started a movement called N March a year ago. He is a supporter of the continuation of France in the European Union. McCon has promised to adopt a path between right-wing and left-wing.

France won the first woman president if she wins the 48-year-old Marin Lee Pen Lee Penn is trying to build up the sense of insecurity born with terror attacks. At the same time, unemployment, resentment against the EU can also go in favor of refugees.
Ipsos estimates that former Prime Minister Francois Fillan and the leftist Jean-Luc Lenancan will get nearly 19.5 percent of the votes. Accordingly, the two will be out of the race. Supporting Trump's Lee: After the attack on Thursday in France, Trump tweeted that the Lee and Peninsula of the EU and immigrants would help.

A total of eleven candidates were in the fray in the elections. But Le Paine and McCoran seem to be the biggest gainers. Promised by the top parties, the people with disabilities prompted this time to sign a new face. Former President Nicolas Sarkozy and former PM Manuel Wallace did not come in the main race.
In addition to terrorism in the presidential election of France, security, unemployment and economy are the main issues.

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