Dictator Kejriwal is Spreading Rumors: Manoj Tiwari

Delhi BJP state president is very confident after winning the by-elections of Rajouri Garden. They are convinced that BJP will now be able to win in the MCD elections too. After winning the assembly by-election, he talked to the correspondent of a news channel. Read what they say.

Manoj Tiwari says that the people of Delhi have shown Kejriwal his place. As Kejriwal behaved with the people of Delhi, he got the answer in the same coin. They say that Kejriwal is with the stone-pelters on our soldiers. He is with those who vehemently and openly say, “India, you will see your pieces”. India will be your pieces, they are with those who say. In such a situation, the public will teach Rahul and Kejriwal a good lesson. The public will not let them go scot free.

Arvind Kejriwal is involved in scams

Manoj says Arvind Kejriwal is involved in ration and tanker scam. Not only has his government is tainted in corruption, but he is also involved in scams. They say that the leaders of his party, who claim to be the cleanest of all, are corrupt, lewd and involved in fake degree.
came to the sincerity of sincerity, became a fake degree, corrupt and lewd. They further say that if people were dissatisfied with the MLA in Rajouri Garden, Kejriwal too had fled from Delhi. He himself went to Punjab to become the chief minister. His MLA also went to become Deputy Chief Minister. They accuse Kejriwal of doing crooked politics. He says that after the elections were over in Punjab, he had no any truck with the Punjabis. They did not have a single tweet on Baisakhi. Manoj Tiwari further says that according to Kejriwal's understanding, the people of Delhi are stupid. But now the people have understood them.

Kejriwal takes arms against poster war

Manoj Tiwari says that Kejriwal has posted posters with photographs of himself Vs Vijender Gupta throughout Delhi. They ask questions whether Kejriwal will become Mayor of Delhi In such a situation, when Vijender Gupta is not the mayor candidate of his party, what is the reason behind his photographing? He calls himself the commander of the party and asked Vijender Gupta to take the picture of the army commander as the party's army.
Referred the Humiliation of Poorvanchal

They say that Manoj Tiwari is respected by BJP and that does not augur well for Kejrival. They believe in suppressing the people from Poorvanchal. They engage them lifting chairs.
They further say that they have Vision for MCD. On getting the MCD fund, Tewari said that he will make changes in the act so that more work is done. They say the cleaning workers are given the name of the cleaning assistant. Paying them salaries on time is at the top of their career.

Kejriwal is a Dictataor

Manoj says that Kejriwal is a dictator. Everything he wants to run according to his own will. He eats a plate of sixteen thousand. He says Kejriwal's tongue is of 56 inches. They use it to spread rumors. In such a situation, when they do not see any fault in me, they start spreading rumours. They say on Kailash Kher's case that Kailash is his good friend and he is calling Kailash for campaigning.
                                                    ----Ashish Jha