Corruption: Salary of Engineer 60 Thousand, Gets 600 Crore Black Money

In the UP and Uttarakhand, the Income Tax Department has been carrying out raid for the last two days. In the Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, the Income Tax Department has raided 20 premises of four officials of government and PSU companies. Even today, the raid of the department continues. Early in the morning it was reported that Noida authority has raided the premises of former OSD YP Tyagi. Their four bases have been raided. Earlier, the property worth Rs. 600 crore was disclosed to Shiva Ashra Sharma, Additional General Manager of the State Construction Corporation.

In the investigation of the income tax department, it was disclosed that Dehradun unit General Manager, UP State Construction Corporation, Shiva Ashra Sharma, has misused the post and created assets worth more than Rs.600 crores. GM bought real estate through the name of his family members after earning through his favorite contractors. On Tuesday, the income-tax department raided the premises of GM, his favorite contractor Amit Sharma and eight places of a news channel in Dehradun. Income tax investigation continued on Wednesday.

In the investigation of income tax officials, it has been found that the lifestyle of GM is very lavish. He has owned a 100 acres of farmhouse in Dehradun and has lands in so many cities. His family members have got luxury cars like Rangerover, Audi, BMW.

Not only this, family members often used to go abroad in the holidays. Income tax officials have received such records. During the raid in the farmhouse, officials got expensive goods. There were expensive 15 LEDs up to Rs 5 lakh and expensive furniture of different companies.

In 2015, GM bought five bigha land in the industrial area near Dehradun in the name of his son but could not show it on the paper. There was a state-of-the-art gym in 1500 square feet while guest houses and swimming pools are under construction. He could not show any record of all the expenses incurred for them. Not only that, the exercise of buying 60 bigha farm houses in the Rs 10.50 crores was being run by an NRI. This purchase was not made but huge amount was given in advance and it was not taken back.

The Income Tax Department took action and sealed two lockers. The people of his family are filing ITR but can not show the source of income. The notice has been issued to them. According to income tax sources, GM has raised an undisclosed income of more than 600 million.

On the spot, raiding and investigation is going on at the Rishikesh residence of contractor Amit Sharma. He has received payment reports worth crores rupees from the construction corporation but its record has not been shown in ITR. The Income Tax Department has sealed the paper of FD of 18.50 from him. Apart from this, a locker, 40 lakh rupees cash and two kg of ornaments were also found which were siezed.

                                   ---Kanhaiya Jha