Conflict could Break out any Moment: China

China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Friday that there could be conflict in North Korea any moment. At the same time, he warned about the growing tension with the United States that there is no winner in any war.
This tense statement came after US President Donald Trump's statement in which he had said that North Korea's problem will be tackled. The President gave this statement on speculation that North Korea could prepare for another nuclear or missile test.

Wang said that recently there is America and South Korea on the one hand and the tension has increased between North Korea and the other on both sides and it seems that any moment the battle can start.

During a joint press conference with French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Arlott, he said that if there is a war, the result will be such that everyone will be harmed and no one can win. Wang said that whatever party incites to fight should understand the historical responsibility and be prepared to pay it.

A White House foreign policy adviser said on Friday that the US is assessing the military options in response to North Korean weapons programs. Wang said that dialogue is the only possible solution.
                                                   ----Ashish Jha