Air Travel for Just 2500 Rs?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi started the cheap flight in Himachal Pradesh. In addition to showing the first flight flight between Shimla and Delhi, PM Modi has given two more flags clearance. On this occasion Modi said that King Maharaj used to travel only in the first airline. Country's poor wears thin slippers, I wanted a person with slipper to sit in the airplane. That thing is coming true today. Modi said that there is considerable opportunity for the expansion of air services in India. He said that only then all travelers will be able to avail of this if the air circular route becomes operational.

10 Great Things of Flight Scheme

1) Under flyovers, the cost of travel for a 500 km or one hour journey has been kept at a maximum of Rs 2,500. On this basis, rent has been fixed for other routes too.

2) Under the Flying Scheme, 128 routes and 5 operators have been included in the flight scheme. These flights will be operated under Air India's regional unit Alliance Air.

3) 45 such airports that are not in service under the flying scheme have been connected to the air network.

4) Small airports of Tier 2 and Tier-3, where more flights were not run; there would be more flights now. People of these cities can get the benefit of the flying scheme.

5) Under the flight, five operators have been selected which are Air India subsidiary Allied Services, SpiceJet, Air Deccan, Air Odisha, Turbo Megha.

6) The services of SpiceJet for Kanpur to Delhi will start in August, while the flights from Kanpur to Varanasi and Delhi will fly in Air Odisha in September.

7) Alliance Air will start flying from Agra to Jaipur in June, while in August, Deccan has been preparing to start the flight service between Agra and Delhi.

8) Both the Alliance Air and Air Deccan have targeted to start service next month, from Delhi to Shimla.

9) Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh will start its services from Ambikapur in Bilaspur to Bilaspur between Raipur and Odisha in September. Services will start from Jagdalpur between Raipur and Visakhapatnam in September itself.

10) The flight of the National Civil Aviation Policy, which started on June 15, 2016, is an important part.
                                                        Ashish Jha