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Monday, April 17, 2017

3171 Crore Given to Bihar in Rail Budget

Bihar in his railway budget. In the Railway Budget, 'Prabhu' has made a provision of Rs. 3171 crores for Bihar. It includes 51 crores for passenger amenities and 39 crores for traffic facilities.

The Railway Minister has worked to give life to many projects in Bihar. During his second tenure, the Railway Minister has said that the construction of the Madhopura Rail Engine Factory and Madhepura Electric factory in Bihar has been started. He also said that they will be built in Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode.

Suresh Prabhu has promised to bring these projects back to Bihar. Land has been acquired for this. Tender has also been awarded for these projects in PPP mode. Soon the construction work of these factories will begin.
Railway Minister has also become famous for the Buddhist religion besides rail engine factories and also the matter of modernization of the railway stations of Bihar Sharif. The facilities of these stations have also been announced.

With the announcement of construction of new railway line from Vikramshila to Katariya at a cost of 1601 crores in Rail Budget, it has been announced to construct 172 kms of new rail line between Mansi-Saharsa-Roundam Madhepura-Purnia-Katihar. . Along with this, it has also been decided to construct the Karouta Badner Manakkhata Surface Triangul Line at a cost of 131 crores.
For the doubling of the 110 km railline which was constructed at a cost of Rs 744 crore from Sugauli to Valmikinagar in the Railway Budget, the amount has been made. Another double railway line bridge has been announced in Mokamah parallel to the existing railway bridge.
1601 crores will be spent on the 16 km new railway line that will be constructed from Vikramshila to Katariya. This railway line will pass through the Ganges bridge. Simultaneously, the construction of the new railway line will be greatly reduced by the construction of new railway line by Karota Patanar to Manakkhata.

Bypass to Manpur is being constructed separately bypass rail line, which will facilitate long distance trains. An amount of Rs 732 crore will be spent on the construction of the 106 km line for the Muzaffarpur to Sugauli.
To connect the engine factory built in Madhepura, 172 km rail line will be constructed from Mansi-Saharsa-Roundam Madhepura-Purnia-Katihar. Electrification of this line is also to be done. An amount of 700 crore has been sanctioned for electrification of 787 km railline of 97 km of Aara-Sasaram, 81 km Darbhanga-Jaynagar, 231 km long Raxaul-Sitamarhi-Darbhanga-Samastipur and Kaptanganj-Thave-Kataiya-Chapra Kachhari.
General Manager claims that a provision of Rs 375 crores has been made for the Munger Rail Bridge in the budget. The train will start from the bridge till 31 March. The amount has been approved for survey work for 39 km from the Dehri Aanson to Bhunathpur New Rail Line, 45 km Madhubani Benipatti Pupri New Rail Line, 45 km Sitamarhi-Janakpur Via Bathnaha New Rail Line. Proposal has also been passed to double the Radhikapur Baroque rail line.

An amount of Rs. 1250 crores has been approved for the ongoing Rail projects. Under this, a sum of Rs 176 crore has been approved for the Sakri Hasanpur railline, Rs 30 crore for Khagadiya-Kusheshwarasthan, 75 crore for Rajgir Tilaiya and Natsar Islampur railline, and Barshigh-Sheikhpura railway line of Biharsharif.

For the Kosi rail bridge, a sum of Rs 20 crore has been given for the Koderma-Teliarell line and Hajipur-Sugauli for 100-100 million, Chapra-Muzaffarpur, Motihari-Sitamarhi. Simultaneously, the amount of Rs. 250 crore has been given for the conversion of the gauze conversion of Banmanki Purnia Bihari Ganj to 400 million, Lokaha-Nirmali and Saharsa-Faribisganj rail line.

160 crores for Katariya-Kursela, Hajipur-Ramdialu Nagar, 51 crores for Mokame additional railpool, 70 crores for Hajipur Bachwada. A provision of Rs 125 crore has been made in the Budget for Samskitpur-Darbhanga and doubling of the railway line of 45 crore.

Take a look at rail projects in Bihar

- Second bridge of parallel double rail line will be built in Mokamah
- Janakpur will connect with Vithya Bathnah rail line from Sitamarhi
- Munger rail bridge will be commissioned before 31st March
- Vikramshila-Katariya new railway track will be built at a cost of 1601 crore
- 800 million to 787 km of electrification of the railhead
- 245 km single line will be doubling, 185 crore allocated
- 25 ROBs and four RUBs to be created
- 51 for passenger amenities and 39 crores for traffic

                                                           -----Ashish Jha

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