Well known Hydrating Foods and Drinks for Summer

Summary: In summer months, one thing that differentiates good health from diseases is the water. Water is undoubtedly the best source of hydration, but there are some foods and drinks also that are known for their hydration properties.

Prelude: In the scorching temperature of summer months, it is very important to stay hydrated. If your body is well hydrated in these months, it will get energy in the heat and the radiance and beauty of your skin remain intact. Apart, if you keep your body well-hydrated, your heart will not have to work hard. Resultantly, you will have excellent heart health.
On the other hand, dehydration can be a serious health condition posing a number of health-related complications that may range from headache, swollen feet or life-threatening illness, such as heat stroke.

Below given is the list of some hydrating foods and drinks for summer:
Cucumber: It is rightly said, “as cool as a cucumber”. More than 90 % of cucumber is water. Apart from rich water content, it does also contain lots of nutrients that not only hydrate the body, but also nourish it. Apart from Vitamin C, cucumber also contains Caffeic acid that soothes the skin of the body and gives it a radiant look. It proves to be quite a refreshing summer drink, if it gets added to water.
Coconut Water: It is known as one of the best sources for hydration. This water is rich in vitamins, minerals and electrolytes that replenish the nutritional deficiencies in the body after a long day in the sun. In addition to these, the intake of coconut water reduces blood pressure, facilitates digestion and aids in weight loss efforts.

Watermelon: In the hot summer days, it is one of the best fruits to replenish the body. As it is made up mostly of water (up to 92 % water), it is among the most hydrating foods. Apart, it is naturally low-fat fruit and contains astoundingly high content of vitamin C. Vitamin C improves immune system to a great extent.
Apple: Apple holds true to the saying: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Apart from being one of the most popular hydrating fruits, the intake of apple does also decrease risk of diabetes, prevent cataracts, reduce cholesterol, lower gallstone risks, beat diarrhea and constipation, detoxify liver and boost immune system. Apart, its intake also contributes in weight loss and keeps cardio-vascular diseases away.
Carrots: The name of carrots may evoke the feeling of dense vegetable, but actually it is very hydrating as it contains almost 90 per cent of water. Apart from being one of the most hydrating foods, carrots do contain high content of Beta-carotene. The pigment Beta-carotene helps in maintaining good eyesight. Apart, the intake of carrots does also slow down aging, promote healthier skin and prevent infection, stroke, heart disease and cancer.
The above-mentioned fruits and drinks include, but not limited to fruits and drinks for summer.

                                             ----Ashish Jha