Understanding Diabetes in Simple Way

Lots of people come to know about diabetes when they get diagnosed with this disease. But, till then lots of water already get flowed under the bridge. So, foreknowledge of this lifestyle-related disease is very much beneficial both for awareness and educating about these to the loved ones.

In order to understand this disease, let us assume our body as a Government building. There are government officials sitting inside the rooms that is the cells of the body. There are guards(insulin) in the main gate and in front of the rooms. There are two doors in the rooms. One is for exclusive use of the government functionaries and another is from where the people get into the room. The key to open the door is with the guards.

The foods that we intake are actually the people who come into the building(glucose) and meet the persons sitting into the room to get their work done. If foods having high glycemic index( white bread, corn flakes, puffed rice, bran flakes) get into the system, lots of people get surrounded in front of the building. Glycemic Index is in fact the ranking system for foods that contain carbohydrates. So, foods having high glycemic index mean more people and low glycemic index means few people in front of the building.
When lots of people get aggregated around with the motive to enter the building, the guards safeguarding the building, fail to control the number of persons that should be allowed inside the building. The people enter the building, go to the corridor (artery) and from there they start coming near the guards who have the keys of the rooms.

If the guards are healthy, that means if there is no insulin resistance in the body, they become able to open the doors quickly, and all get accommodated in the rooms. The whole process goes on smoothly and they all become able to get their work done with the help of government employees sitting inside the rooms.

But, if there is insulin resistance in the body(in case of diabetes), the guards become frail, incapable and old. Controlling the crowd of the people becomes almost impossible for the guards. They bring the bunch of the keys, tries one key, another key, and in this way the whole process of entering the rooms get delayed. There becomes chaos-like situation.
Those who are in corridors(arteries) start disruptive activities. The guards, unable to control the crowd escort them to the waiting area. The waiting room is our belly. Resultantly, fat deposition starts around belly. And after that problem starts aggravating day by day.
The above-mentioned scenario takes place when a person is type 2 diabetic. In case of type 1 diabetes, there is no guard left inside. And the gate is also closed and we cannot get into people from outside. 
                                                                     ---Ashish Jha