Priority of Health in Examination Time

Summary: The mere thought of examination makes the students tremble with fear. As the date of examination comes close, the pressure of preparations and so many things start playing in their minds. Such becomes the level of stress that health takes a backseat. It is important to understand that, health is something that is non-negotiable, especially in the examination time. Without healthy body, healthy mind is unattainable. Most of the students, in a quest to do better and better in examination, tend to eat junk food, avoid food or just become unmindful of what they eat. But, what they need to learn is that health is their most formidable weapon to make them emerge triumphant in the examination.

Examination time should not be treated as emergency situation. It comes on scheduled time and enough time is given to the students to prepare for it. If students are in good health, they can make good preparation strategy, strive to understand the concept of their chapters, instead of mugging up, take help from their seniors and alumni group of their school/college, so on and so forth. But, if their health is compromised for not being able to take it seriously, the whole plan or strategy of preparation may turn into fiasco.
If you are the one who can ill afford to give a wink at your health, here are the supplements/nutritious foods that you should take in the examination time:

Ø ProtiOmega: Protein has a very big role in a healthy and balanced diet. The body uses protein to sustain many vital body processes. Antibodies are also a type of protein. When there is bacterial or viral infection in the body, these antibodies neutralize the threat. So, protein intake is necessary to make your body immune from bacterial or viral infections and to maintain healthy immune system.

Protiomega is Omega 3 enriched Protein Supplement. In a small sachet, it is a complete nutritional supplement. Its consumption is a treat for both tongue and body. It boosts the immune system of the body and rev up metabolism.

Ø Wheat Free Atta: At the time when you are entirely focused on your examination preparation, you can ill afford to get bloated belly. You need to feel light all the time for proper mobility and to study in the right posture. A hard-to-digest protein, gluten is present in wheat. So, in most of the people it creates gluten disorders. Wheat Free Atta is a very good source of vitamins. Whether your body has acceptance to gluten or not, it is always beneficial from the health point of view to take wheat free Atta.

Ø Quinoa Upma: In examination time, most of the students find it difficult to sit with their family members and take their proper lunch or dinner. The time comes when they have to quench their hunger with whatever is lying around. If you also have to go through similar situation, taking Quinoa Upma will prove to be the best option available before you in the days of examination.

                                                                      ----Ashish Jha