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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mukul Sinha: Death of an Intrepid Crusader

Mukul Sinha was indeed a man of principles, who tirelessly fought for the Godhra victims and never compromised. His death is indeed a jolt to the Muslim victims' ongoing fight for justice. Despite threats and all insinuations, he didn't waver and continued his crusade against the fascist forces of Hindu militancy in Gujarat and elsewhere in the country. Never a believer in god and any religion, his mortal remains were donated to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital as per his last wish.

I don't exactly remember his words which he spoke when a Calcutta-based English newspaper interviewed him in 2005, but he said something to this effect that no god would come to help the human beings in distress, we shall have to help our fellow human beings at this critical juncture. He indeed extended his wholehearted support to the poor Muslims and exhorted others to join the battle against the injustice and state pogrom and carry on till its logical end. The man had no vested interests and hidden agenda. In fact, he never tom-tommed what he did so indefatigably.

 In this age and era, when almost all human rights activists have a flagrant desire to be in the limelight, Mukul Sinha was a refreshing exception. He always eschewed self-praise and evaded the limelight. That's the reason, people are very well aware of the name of Teesta Seetalvad but hardly anyone has an idea of the yeoman's service rendered by him. He believed in silent execution of work and never expected anything in return. Even fascist Hindus of Gujarat never accused him of something clandestine in his crusade for the battered and beleaguered Muslims.

He earned the respect even of his opponents who never resorted to mud-slinging at him, though he was called a 'Muslim with a Hindu name.' Not only did he help in Godhra victims' rehabilitation, he also fought tooth and nail  in the legal battle surrounding the four cases of fake encounters, involving Sadiq Jamal, Ishrat Jahan, Sohrabuddin Sheikh and Tulsi Prajapati. He was a lawyer sans avarice and cupidity. An IIT Kanpur alumnus, he initially worked at Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) in Ahmedabad.

 After getting his law degree in 1989, he started fighting cases for the underprivileged. His NGO 'Jan Sangharsh Morcha' took up labour issues, such as low wages of drivers and conductors of the city and state transport corporations. It's indeed a pitiable irony that when a militant party is all set to topple the existing government, a lifelong crusader who always challenged this belligerent party's dubious ways and actions is no more. When Allama Iqbal died in 1938, poet Hasrat Mohani lamented, 'Qaum ne apna rahnuma kho diya' (The community has lost its guide and mentor). The demise of Mukul Sinha elicits the same rueful sentiments.     

Ali Sina is an apostate. He resides somewhere in Europe, probably in London.

After leaving Islam, he has been 

spreading the TRUTH about the religion he was a part of. 

Please read his trenchant replies to Muslims' queries.

                                                                               -------Sumit Paul


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