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Friday, March 17, 2017

Is Technology Taking a Toll on Today's Children?

Going down the memory lane, I recall we were a bunch of children as we had a joint family. All that we had to enjoy was our huge green preen open campus and company of our siblings and a few family helpmates. We didn't have any luxuries as such as the children of today have, computers, laptops, video games, I-pads to name a few.

We didn't even have the exhilarating outing in summer seasons, like summer camps. Rather we used to await our relatives or visit to our nanihal(the place where my maternal grandmother lived) or the village of our Babuji (father). We didn't have any extra activity or any co curriculum classes. Still we were much happier than the kids of today. And yes, arguably we were even more active and agile than the kids of today. How to Add ringtones to iPhone from Computer

I am not trying to make the childhood of the generation of today inferior than that of ours, rather I feel more concerned about the burden with which they have to deal with almost on a day-to-day basis. The nature of burden could be of multifarious nature—it could be burden of books, burden of homework, pressure of performance, so on and so forth.

Actually I feel that the way we are burdening our kids with the pressure to get endowed with every ability in themselves is not good for either a healthy childhood or for the development of their overall personality.

The way our kids are addicted to technology it’s not a healthy sign for their future. Though I do also like many, agree that the children of today must be familiar with the new technology, but the way kids of today are attached to technology, it is to some extent a sort of addiction, which may put spoke in their wheels of development.

The rampant use of technology has ruined our children's childhood, their natural ability and a full swing flourishing development of their personality. For every work may be Homework, projects,assignment or entertainment... for every thing we have made our kids dependent on technology/internet.

Finally I may put up a famous saying "technology is a better servant but   a poor owner" . So we must take care of our children while they are using internet or any kind of technology.

Children must be kept at bay from technology in the name of games or entertainment... rather they should be encouraged to play with other children nearby or drawing colour or any art craft activity.

These will boost their personality as well. Inculcate tolerance sharing attitude friendly behavior in our kids. This is very very important if we want our children to have a happier life in future, full of positive vibes.
                                       ----Aparna Jha

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