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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Importance of Maintaining a Clean Colon

Summary: Maintaining a healthy colon is as important as any body part. Since final stage of digestion takes place in colon and improper functioning of digestive system leads to a number of health complications, healthy colon is indispensable for healthy living.

Colon is a part of the large intestine that extracts food residues before they get excreted. In a simple language, it is the refuge storage place of the human body. Its primary function includes absorption of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and water from the digested food material. Apart, colon also prepares and stores fecal matter before its evacuation. Most of the unwanted products and waste get transported to the colon for expulsion from the body. The final stage of digestion takes place in colon.
The digestive system delivers nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are very much important. If colon is cleaned, it facilitates absorption of vitamins and mineral from the food to the body. 

But, if it is unclean, just the opposite happens: the absorption gets blocked. Once the absorption gets blocked, no matter how healthy diet is on your plate, you are bound to fall ill. It is simply because if proper functioning of the digestive system gets interrupted even marginally, the blood cells nerves and muscles will not get all the nutrition that they need to function properly. When the function of blood cells nerves and muscles get disrupted, chronic illnesses follow suit.

In an unclean colon, where the digestive system ceases to function properly, toxins and deadly poisons make the delicate body cells weak that result into various health-related complications and diseases. These poisons do tend to make heavy destruction in the body seeping out of the colon, poisoning the rest of the body and weakening and stressing the heart. When the poison reaches skin they cause wrinkles, paleness, psoriasis, etc. They cause weakness and terrible fatigue when they go to muscles. When they reach brain, they disrupt the normal functioning of brain and cause senility. In a nutshell, these poisons from colon may deprive you of your health and make you look old a decade before your time.
A Clean Colon will reverse these health-related complications. This can be achieved through sufficient intake of clean and purified water, multivitamins’ supplements, exercises and active and healthy lifestyle.

                                                       ---Ashish Jha

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