Hyperglycemia: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Summary: Hyperglycemia is a common problem of the diabetics. It is characterised by the high blood sugar level. There are some causative agents that lead to this health complication. It does also show symptoms. Preventing and treating hyperglycemia is very much possible. If it is not treated in time, a condition known as ketoacidosis (diabetic coma) may also occur. Ketoacidosis is a life-threatening disease. If you are a diabetic this article will prove to be of great help and benefit. You will find this piece of writing highly informative.

Hyperglycemia is a term that refers to high blood sugar or glucose level. It is characterized by blood sugar fasting level more than 7.0mmol/L (126mg/Dl) and two hours’ PP (post-prandial—after a meal) level more than 11.0 mmol/L (200 mg/dL). It occurs when the body of an individual becomes unable to remove glucose from the blood to make the cells use it for energy. Though anyone can get affected with this condition, but most often it is due to diabetes. By and large hyperglycemia is a signal of lack of control over diabetes.

Symptoms of Hyperglycemia: The symptoms of hyperglycemia tend to develop over the time period of several weeks and may include the following:
Feeling of Fatigue
Frequent Infections
Impaired vision
Rapid and unexplained weight loss
Tingling sensation in extremities (hands, feet)
Frequent urination, especially at night. This condition is referred to us polyuria.
Rapid food intake as feeling of hunger increases. This condition is referred to as polyphagia.
Frequent intake of water as mouth becomes dry and feeling of thirst becomes frequent. This condition is referred to as polydipsia.

Causes of hyperglycemia
Insulin resistance (in case of type 2 diabetes)
Sedentary lifestyle
Insufficient insulin treatment (in cases of type 1 diabetes)
Flu like illness
Stress (psychological and emotional)
The dawn phenomenon (it is the term that is used to describe an abnormal early morning surge in blood sugar in diabetics).
Treatment of Hyperglycemia
Doctors need to review the severity of hyperglycemia before they decide to treat it. They may decide one or more of the following actions:
Raise the insulin dose
Recommend more exercise
Suggest close glucose monitoring
Prescribe dietary change
Prevention of Hyperglycemia
Avoiding high fat, high carbohydrate foods
Taking insulin if prescribed
Controlling stress
Avoiding sedentary lifestyle
Taking good night sleep
Monitoring blood glucose level regularly
Following recommended diet chart
Taking 24-48 fluid ounces of plain, clean water

                                   -----Ashish Jha