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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How does Family Feud Affect Environment?

All the festivities and along with these, all the oaths and pledges of brotherhood & harmony are also over now…as I realized while standing in my balcony today.

Actually while standing and staring down the lane in front my flat I saw that the vacant space near my flat was well occupied rather packed by now with 3 cars of our next door neighbor.

I am neither going to preach the rising economic standard of middle class nor I'll compare the expenses on luxury along with that of necessities.

Rather I have an different vision to look at it, which will be carved out better after learning the story behind the piling up of 3 cars in our lane.
There live three brothers as our next door neighbor. They all are well off .But none of them had a car. One day the eldest one brought a car and rejoiced and celebrated by distributing sweets around. Within a month or two the younger one too bought a car rather more expensive than that of his elder brother. And a few days ago the second brother too bought a car, just to be equal to his brothers, though he was facing some economic issues these days.

Now, I want to share what went through my mind:
1. Can these purchases be calculated to progress of a person or that of the whole family....?
2.  Do such possessions highlight any family achievement?
3. Will it add on or harm the nature the environment at large?
My answer to the 1. Question is a Big No, because the family needs car in middle class society at certain times. And it may be managed by 1 car too. The frequent purchase of cars in one family goes to show only the rapidly rise of ego, rivalry and lack of submissive attitude and amiability patience and above all total lack of tolerance.

This is not the story of a certain family. Similar is the situation everywhere in our society. It’s really alarming. We are progressing we are developing. But in which direction? We must reevaluate and rethink upon.

My answer to the second question too is again a Big No. It’s not any kind of achievement to a family. Rather, it can be taken as a red alert towards the fall of family's warmth and fraternity. The day are not far when the whole family would be divided on the scale of competition among each other and seen as enemies to each other.

My answer for the question no. 3 is an emphatic Yes, such rivalry among families is much more dangerous to the destruction and demolition of nature and environment around. At a time 3 cars will run on the road from one family, most often for the same purpose. It will increase traffic problem, pollute air and create noise pollution. It will also congest the nearby areas that were hitherto spacious enough to allow free flow of air and sunshine.

So we need to really be humble and humane from heart to think and rethink before any such purchases. That whether it’s really our requirement whether we can afford it. We should try hard to preserve and develop our cultural ethical values of real indianism i.e. tolerance, patience, amiability and brotherhood. These will not only save our environment but also let us prosper along with our family with real happiness that for sure bring peace of mind to one and all.
                                             ----Aparna Jha

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