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Monday, March 13, 2017

Happy Holi 2017

Holi is one of the most famous festivals of Hindus. It falls on the Vikram Samvat purnima in the month of Falgun. It has a huge dimension and may facets of meaning behind the reason for its celebration.

1) Its arguably the only Hindu festival which is celebrated beyond its boundaries, either of religion or state.

2) It’s a free for all carnival of colours, either rich or poor, friends or foes,  all unite together this day to give up all their deadlocks and malice throughout the year.

3) One great meaning of this auspicious festival lies in its name itself-HOLI means pure, authentic, auspicious and hence peaceful.

4)The story of Holika being burnt alive and Prahlad being saved itself says much more of its meaning.... i.e.,  if one tries to much use or misuse his power or abilities to harm or exploit an innocent person or being may have to face the consequences other way round. Hence along with enjoying roit of colours and delicious dishes we need to cross examine ourselves on this above mentioned yardstick whether we are or have we ever harmed or exploited any innocent one.

5) Holi has one more interpretation as per its Hindi pronunciation
होली-which also may mean like हो ली  i.e.  what happened in the past is we need to walk over towards the forthcoming events with a new zeal and enthusiasm. As it is witnessed in religious story behind celebrating holi...after Holika sat ablaze with Prahlad with the intrigue to burn him to death, situation turned upright down and she was burnt alive. Though she wasn't a nice person but her demise must have caused sorrow at least to the king after all she was his sister... but still the festival of Prahlad's survival was celebrated everywhere with great fervor.

Hence Holi not only is a time to enjoy the full swing of spring season, festivities with colours but at the same time its also the time to forgive and forget the bad rotten phase of past and repair/rejuvenate the broken relationships, it also invites us to get dipped in the intoxicating breeze of spring season ,which is itself an embodiment of sensuous beauty with an addon of amazing flowers around. Ya!hloi is also a Thanksgiving harvest festival to north Indian states for the arrival of new grains i.e., wheat and several pulses.

It may be concluded with a humble request all around to rejoice the wonderful festival of colours and rethink upon its main reason to celebrate it. So, we may enjoy this lovely festival to its bliss and cherish further. Happy Holi to all the readers!
                                                    ---Aparna Jha

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