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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Diabetes: A Bird’s Eye View

Summary: As per the report of WHO, there were 422 million people affected with diabetes in the year 2014. This number is rising rapidly day by day. Diabetes is a progressive disease. It worsens with age. There are mainly 3 types of diabetes. Each one has its own development process. The good news is that Reversing Diabetes is possible.

What is diabetes?
To answer this, first we need to understand the role of insulin in our body. When we eat food, our body turns food into glucose. Glucose enters the cells of the body to give us energy. But, glucose cannot enter on its own to the cells. It needs insulin, because it serves as a key to open the door of cells. You may call insulin as guards with the key of your house/school/office. When insulin opens the door of the cells, glucose enters the cells and we get energy to perform our various works and grow. The entire process can be summarized as follows:

The food that we eat enters to the body—The body makes glucose out of the food—The glucose meets insulin that has the key of the door of the cells—Insulin unlocks the door of the cells—Glucose enters into the cells—cells get energized to do various day-to-day related works and to grow.
But, when diabetes occurs, the doors do not open.
How does it affect People?
Diabetes is a progressive disease. If we understand it in simple language, the condition of diabetes worsens with age. The doctor at preliminary stage of the diagnosis of the disease prescribes 1-2 medicines. But, after some years, the dose of medicine gets increased as decomposition keeps on happening in the body. The day comes soon when insulin is recommended. But, that too becomes ineffective due to Insulin resistance in the body. After that organ damage takes place and ultimately death with heavy expenditure takes place. Lakhs of rupees get spent just to make a patient survive for 2-3 days.

Diabetes Facts:
You are at higher risk of contracting diabetes, if you are: –
– 45 years or older
– Overweight or obese
– Have a family history of diabetes
– If your blood pressure is 140/90 or higher
– If your cholesterol levels are higher than normal
– Have had gestational diabetes at some time in the past
Types of Diabetes: There are mainly three types of diabetes:
Type 1 Diabetes:
Type 2 Diabetes:
Gestational Diabetes:
Development of Diabetes:
Development of Type 1 Diabetes: In Type 1 diabetes, the patient’s immune system attacks the insulin-producing cells in pancreas, destroying its ability to manufacture insulin. That means, civil war-like condition occurs. As the ability of pancreas to produce insulin gets stopped, people with Type 1 diabetes has to depend on external insulin. This type of diabetes is therefore also known as insulin-dependent diabetes. It is mostly found in children or young adults.
Development of Type 2 Diabetes: Type 2 diabetes is a disease of insulin resistance. Unlike type 1 diabetes, where production of insulin gets stopped, in this type of diabetes, pancreas starts off robust production of insulin. But, that insulin proves to be of little help for the cells as it is not able to unlock the door of cells and carry glucose to these cells.
Development of Gestational Diabetes: This type of diabetes occurs during pregnancy. It is characterized by high blood sugar level. Mostly, this type of diabetes gets controlled through diet and exercise and resolved after the baby is delivered.
Solution(Treatment) of the Disease:
Dr. Gaurav Sharma has made the term “reversing diabetes” a reality. He is the number one lifestyle doctor and diabetologist. After researching for more than 10 years on diabetes and its related complications, he has given wonderful nutritional food supplements, like Diabetplus, Diabetall and Sweetjoy. These products help reverse diabetes. Apart from these products, the treatment plan of Dr. Gaurav also includes lifestyle changes, exercise plan and couselling.

                                                  ---Ashish Jha

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