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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Early Diabetes Symptoms

Most of the people do not understand what kind of disease diabetes  is. There is a myth associated with the disease. People think that
diabetes is a disease of sugar. The irony is even the doctors do not communicate. They do not educate the patients.
Diabetes is actually a condition of insulin resistance that leads to high blood sugar level, which causes damage to different organs if it is allowed to progress. After organ damage, multiple organ failure and death follow. In a simple language, it is like a two-edged sword.

If your blood sugar level is very high, you end up dying or having complications, because of high blood sugar levels. But, if your levels are low, you go to hypoglycemia and there you have the chance of dying because of low blood sugar level, as the sugar level does not reach the brain. Even the ketones are not produced during the time, which help person to survive and provide the important glucose for the brain to function and survive. So, these are the two edges of the sword.

The Symptoms of Diabetes

The problem with diabetics is that they do not get early symptoms. When the level increases and go around 250, and may be in some cases, 300, they complain of excessive thirst, increase   in appetite, excessive urination,etc.but at the same time, they also tend to lose weight. Apart from these, they complain of crawling ants in their feet, the feeling of numbness in limbs and very slow or no healing of their wounds. They also feel lethargic, heaviness in their body, and they are not able to function properly.

These are the things that happen when the levels become pretty high. Doctor check the blood sugar level and the person is found to be a diabetic.
But, as far as early symptoms are concerned, they are not many. However, there are some symptoms that indicate the onset of diabetes. One of these symptoms is deposition of excessive fat around the waist area. So, those who have put on extra fat around their waist area, and even if they exercise a lot, things do not work out, need to be alarmed and do something substantial to prevent the occurrence of the disease.

Another symptom is the feeling of lethargy after taking meal. So, the people who feel laziness, after especially taking high carbohydrate meal and get energetic, after taking sleep for 15-20 minutes, are at higher risk of getting diabetes.

Family history is also one of the causative agents of this disease. If both the parents of a person are diabetics, the person needs to be extra cautious about the disease. Even if only one parent has the disease, the apprehension of this disease is almost fifty per cent.

The above-mentioned symptoms include but not limited to the symptoms which point towards imminent diabetes development.
                                                               ----Ashish Jha

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