Common Health Risks of Office Workers

Summary: The nature of work, working environment, sitting postures, long working hours, all these contribute heavily to the(deteriorating) health condition of the office workers. There are some health-related problems exclusively associated with the office goers. Some of these problems along with their remedies are discussed here.

Our body is not made to sit long hours in one posture, our eyes are not made to stare continuously at the computer screen for prolonged spell, our mind does not respond favourly to the tension and anxiety, but it all happens with the officegoers. They have to sit for long hours without changing their postures, stare on their computer screens constantly without any scheduled break, cope with several day-to-day challenges and targets that give rise to mental stress.

Given below are some of the health-related risks associated with the office workers along with remedies:
Back problems
It is rightly said that desk job and back problem go hand in hand. Large chunk of the office workers has to work sitting at their desk. Their seats are not ideal and sitting long hours in a single posture cause pains and aches in their back, prominently in their lower spine.
If office workers take frequent and regular breaks from their desks, their back pain can be reduced to a great extent. Maintaining a good posture, adjusting screen and chair will also prove to be of great help and benefit. Plus, they can engage themselves in some domestic works, like making tea, dusting, etc. when they arrive home. If they are too involved in their work to remember these things, they may also take up yoga class.

Heart disease

Office workers do not move much during the entire day of their work due to some reason or the other. All their works remain concentrated on their workstations and hence they do not need to move a bit even to fetch a file. Even after reaching homes, they just enjoy perching on sofa, watching television or doing their pending works in their laptops. Resultantly, they start leading sedentary lifestyle, knowingly or unknowingly. This inactive lifestyle poses higher risk of developing heart disease. A stressful workplace environment also increases possibility of heart disease.


If the officegoers get right nutrition, do exercise regularly, get adequate sleep, they will be able to lead a healthier lifestyle. Active and healthy lifestyle will help them prevent heart diseases. In order to manage stress at workplace, they can do stress-busting exercise, yoga, etc. and train their mind not to get carried away with the tension of office.
Eye Stress
Eye stress is the most common health-related risk associated with officegoers, especially the IT employees. The moment they reach office, they sit at a desk and start glaring at their computer screen continuously for long time. In some employees natural winking phenomenon also ceases. Resultantly, they develop eye stress and vision related problems in long term.
In order to avoid eye stress, the officegoers need to take their eyes off the screen at regular intervals. Though most of the times it does not seem feasible, but some short period of time spent away from desk will provide great relief to their eyes. Besides, they should also drink lots of water at office to keep headaches and other health-related complications away.
The above-mentioned health-related risks include, but not limited to the health-related risks for officegoers.
                                                                ----Ashish Jha