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Friday, March 31, 2017

Cleanliness in Office

Tidiness always helps forge and cement bonds in all walks of life. It's particularly useful at a workplace where this quality enhances work-efficiency. This trait leads one to perfection and hones his/her overall personality. The tidiness of your work-station (computer, desk, etc.) guarantees progress in your career.  Not only that, this also helps increase your popularity in the office and the absence of it, ensures your banal presence at the workplace. So always strive to keep your workplace spick-and-span.

Cleanliness in the office has its numerous advantages. You're always at a vantage point if you're tidy and immaculate. Unclean habits in the office make you a butt of ridicule which starts from your back and soon becomes obvious when your colleagues look down upon you because of your shoddiness. Tidiness also gives you a positive sense of belonging and exhortation to work in a healthy frame of mind.  Remember, efficient way of working is always admired by all and sundry. Try to be a role model in the office to be emulated by other colleagues. If your appearance is winsome, everyone in the office will look up to you. A good sartorial sense as to how to dress up for the office is something every office-goer must know. A plain, and not garish or gaudy, shirt and trousers for men and a saree /salwar kurta for women are perfect apparels for office. Indians are under the impression that a tie and a blazer in the office will get them brownie points. They're sadly mistaken.

 First of all, a tie is not meant for the tropical Indian climate and it straightjackets a person. The silly English legacies have not yet been done away with by most of the Indians. When the legendary British political thinker Sir Harold Laski visited Delhi, Calcutta and Nagpur universities in April 1953, he was amused to see all professors and students wearing ties and coats in the perspiring heat of April. He was in a  white half shirt and light grey trousers to counter the oppressive heat of Central, Northern and Eastern India. Indian office-goers must realise that a tie ties them down and their stubbles are the stumbling blocks in their career progress. Always go to office in a clean shaven look. Unless, you're Kabir Bedi or Shekhar Kapoor, beard suits very few and gives a wrong impression about your persona. It projects you as a casual and often frivolous person.

Your workstation ought to have the cleanliness and is always dusted off. Remember, these things are considered in the final appraisal of your office and corporate work. Bear on mind the Japanese corporate maxim, 'A clean desk appeals to one's boss.' It sure does and is an infallible mantra to succeed in this competitive and ruthless age.
                                                               ---Sumit Paul

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