Arthritis: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Summary: Arthritis is basically inflammation of the joints. Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis are the most common types of arthritis. The signs and symptoms of this disease include difficulty in moving joint and at least an hour of morning stiffness around the joint. However, the treatment of the disease depends on the complexity of the disease, age of the sufferer, the type of arthritis and how old the problem is at the time it is diagnosed. Early detection of disease proves to be helpful for its sufferers. Therefore, it is quite important to be vigilant for its symptoms and do utmost to cure the disease.

What is Arthritis?
The human body is held together by a number of joints. The place where two bones join is called joint. It is only because of joints that we are able to move without any difficulty. Cartilage is also very important in the functioning of a joint as it allows the bones to move without any friction. It provides cushion in the joint that safeguards the joint from the shock and pressure of movement making the movement smooth. Arthritis is basically inflammation of the joints.
What Causes Arthritis?
When the cartilage of the body breaks down, the bones start rubbing each other. Resultantly, stiffness, swelling and pain occur in the joints. The joints get inflammed. This condition is known as arthritis.

Types of Arthritis: There are two most common types of arthritis
Osteoarthritis: This is the form of arthritis that is caused due to wear and tear of the joints. The condition keeps on aggravating as a person ages. The most favourite place of osteoarthritis are hands, hips and knees. This type of arthritis is common among adults.
Rheumatoid Arthritis: Poor immune system is the main culprit of this disease. The immune system starts attacking the healthy tissues of the body, causing inflammation and pain in the joint. The disease may also damage other body parts, such as heart, eyes, nerves and blood vessels.

Signs and Symptoms: The symptoms that are common in all forms of arthritis are as follows:
Difficulty in moving joint
Redness in joint
Frequent or constant pain in joint
At least an hour of morning stiffness around the joint
Swelling in joint
Treatment of Arthritis: Treatment of arthritis is based on several factors. Some of these are as follows:
The type of arthritis:
Age of the sufferer
Complexity of the disease
How old the problem is at the time it is diagnosed
                                            ----Praveen Jha