Arguments in the Office: Not that bad!

We've been hearing since our childhood days that one must avoid arguments because arguments brew differences and bad-blood. But a new study at Michigan University in the States suggests that arguments aren't that bad and they can even better the mental health of people. Healthy arguments have been found to be catalysts to improving the efficiency of a person and they also help create a competitive mood and atmosphere in the office. 

According to this study, when we avoid an argument, we don't find an outlet to vent our seething anger and exasperation. We keep brooding over it and our efficiency gets affected eventually. Stress hormones must be released through healthy arguments without stooping oneself. Office arguments often give you that proverbial Eureka moment, you've been looking for. In fine, arguments usher in solutions and help in the COD ( Cumulative Organizational Development). 

How arguments in office help an individual:

Those who decently argue with their colleagues and even with their boss, give an overall impression that they're not argumentative or someone who argues just for the sake of arguing, but he/she argues to put the things in perspective. Remember, an argumentative mind is also an analytical mind and such a person could be an asset to any organization, provided he/she argues rationally as well as succinctly.

The rules of argument:

That doesn't mean, one must keep arguing at the drop of a hat. Such person will soon be branded as a bellicose fellow, who's belligerent all the time. One must follow a few golden rules while arguing, yet not getting branded as a fretful colleague. These infallible rules are-

1 Never attack the individual. Attack his/her views, maintaining office decorum. 

2. Never be personal and try to dwarf the other person. A proper argument always avoids personal and individual issues. It's above pettiness. 

3. Don't argue with a feeling of vindictiveness. It'll belittle your image among your colleagues and boss will think of you in an uncharitable manner.

4. Tell the other person, what has upset you. A roundabout manner to deal with an argument in an office, projects you in bad light.

5. An argument, esp. in the office, must not snowball into a fight or abusive display of emotional fireworks. This leaves a permanent blot on your escutcheon.

6. Never leave reason. To argue with reason is a quality, only a few are imbued with. 

7. Never stretch an argument out of office. Learn to bury it there.

8. Ill-feelings for the other person/s should not pester you even after an argument. Don't carry them home.

Remember the aforementioned rules and argue in a friendly manner. Learn to put your foot down but don't be obdurate in office. One can argue with a desirably pliable attitude and approach to things and people. 

                                                                    ----Sumit Paul