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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Why Staying Away from Anaemia is Important?

Summary: Anaemia is a common, but a serious health-related complication. There has been a continuous surge in the number of persons affected with anaemia worldwide despite comprehensive government efforts around the world. As per the recent data, almost 2,000 million people are affected with anaemia across the globe. Deficiency of iron is the main reason of anaemia in more than half of the total number of persons affected with it. In fact, anaemia is characterised by irondeficiency in body. If this condition is not taken seriously, it may lead to serious diseases. However, through healthy eating and lifestyle, this condition can be cured.

Anaemia is not a disease, it is a condition, that may be caused due to deficiency of iron in the body. Generally, people do not take it seriously. Its symptoms like fatigue, headache, loss of energy, laziness, etc. are ignored. This is one of the important reasons why this condition is seen even in the healthy-looking persons. The perception about this condition is that only girls and pregnant women get this condition. Though they are the ones who are mostly affected with anaemia, but the number of affected men and children is also sizeable.

What does Anaemia Signify?
The condition of anaemia signifies reduction in the number of Red Blood Cells in the body. In order to survive, cells of the body need oxygen and that oxygen is transported by the hemoglobin present in the Red Blood Cells. Deficiency of iron affects synthesis of hemoglobin. When hemoglobin counts dips, cells do not get oxygen. Resultantly, cells start dying, the number of Red Blood Cells reduces significantly and the affected person starts showing the symptoms of anaemia.

How Dangerous is Anaemia?
Anaemia is not a serious condition. It can be cured completely if it is treated in time. But, if it is too late, the condition may lead to serious health complications. When the RBC count in the body gets reduced, cells do not get enough oxygen, as reduction in the RBC count gives rise to reduction of hemoglobin count and in order to replenish the loss of oxygen, heart has to pump more blood so that more RBC could be released. This extra work of heart increases its palpitation and may translate into a serious health condition known as Left Ventricular Hypertrophy. In this condition muscles of the heart become big in size and destruction of Red Blood Cells and heart attack becomes imminent.

How does Anaemia affect Children?
Anaemia also poses serious health complications in children. It impairs their physical and mental development. In every 4 children under the age of 5 years, 3 are seen to be deficient in iron. This is the reason why the red capsules of iron are distributed in several schools. Various governments of the respective countries have started taking comprehensive initiative to get rid of this disease and hence in the days to comes, we can expect more awareness about this disease and of course substantial reduction of the persons affected with it.

Who are at Risk?
Those who are diagnosed with Diabetes, Arthritis, Kidney-related problems, Heart Problems, Cancer, Ulcer, or the diseases related with Hernia.

Daily iron intake of less than15 milligram in case of men and 18 milligram in case of women, poses health-related complications. As our body takes very small amount of iron, it is a prudent move to include iron-rich food in our diet. The iron that comes from vegetable sources does not get into the body easily, but that of animal gets into the body without any problem or difficulty. Our body can use 15-35 % of animal iron, whereas in case of vegetable iron, it is quite low (2-10 percent). This is the reason why the vegetarians are advised to take more iron-rich foods in comparison with the non-vegetarians to treat anaemia. Intake of Honey, red meat, the whole grain, bread, eggs, green vegetables, peas, cashew nut, etc. are very useful to treat anaemia. Though treatment of anaemia depends on its continuous pursuit, generally it takes 6-9 months to treat the condition.

                                                         -----Ashish Jha

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