Why Online Availability of Pundits is Necessary?

In the words of Noah Benshea, “Prayer is a path where there is none”. Prayer is the connection between an individual and the Almighty. And for making a prayer more sacrosanct and effective, having a pundit is a must. I have chosen a generic term—you may call it a preacher, a guru, a priest or a person with good amount of understanding on how a particular ritual should be performed.

A pundit is almost as important as prayer itself. And this is the reason why all people with a religious bent of mind, or all those who believe in the ultimate existence of Almighty, search for pundits. Some just want to have one pundit for performing all their religious activities, albeit occasionally. These clergymen are like family physicians. They do not have to do some work or the other on a day-to-day basis, but when the need arises in a particular family, only the pundit authorized by that family will have to perform all the rituals of the religious ceremony.

With the passage of time, the common practice of owing a pundit has also changed remarkably. And you can largely blame migration for this upheaval. Since address itself is not permanent, or permanent address is no longer a reality, having a permanent pundit has become a thing of yore. A migrated family, or you can say a recently migrated family, finds it quite difficult to get a pundit. And when they fail to get the Person to Perform their religious duties, an apprehension of bad omen starts brewing in the minds of the family members of that family.

While reading through the above paragraph, you may also count so many other problems in the absence of a suitable pundit in the need of the hour. But, counting problems is not what might have driven you to read this article. I am also a person who does not believe in counting the problems. 

Though I do not feel hesitant in underlying problems, but not sans any Solution. And this is the reason I have started toying up with the idea of starting a portal that will provide a conducive platform for all those who want the online availability of pundits. I am in the process of starting something substantial regarding this and I am sure your kind cooperation and Staunch Support will make the project a resounding success. I am quite confident that the advent of my site, there will be Death of Distance when it comes to Finding Pundit.
                                         -----Sanjeev Tewari