Why NCERT Textbooks in CBSE Schools should not be Mandatory?

Why NCERT Textbooks in CBSE Schools should not be Mandatory?

All the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Schools will now have to use NCERT textbooks from the next academic session, i.e. 2017-18. And the move to make NCERT study material mandatory for all the CBSE schools across the country is expected to standardize the curriculum across the country.

But, will the move really be beneficial or a bane to the education system in India? At least the Union Minister for Human Resource Development Mr Prakash Javdekar while taking decision at a review meeting, did not think about the flip side of the decision.
Here is why NCERT Textbooks in CBSE Schools should not be mandatory:

Ø NCERT Textbooks are not for all Students: NCERT Textbooks, who read it (especially the teachers), opine unequivocally that it not comprehensive, complete. Students need to get some extra doses of materials to imbibe the concept that is in the NCERT books. And since these textbooks are not cure-all for the problems of students, how can only these be allowed to reach to the hands of students on the pretext that private publishers charge big bucks for their textbooks.

Ø It will shoot up Unemployment: Those who opine that the decision has been taken by the Government to prevent private publishers extort money from the parents, perhaps forget that the Government could have done something substantial to rationalize the price of the books. A knee-jerk reaction by the Government will make hundreds of thousands of people across India jobless overnight.

Ø The Move will be More Disservice than good: Think about a situation: all students started reading through NCERT, the books also became available in adequate numbers, but the only thing that they did not get is knowledge. And if the fruit of knowledge does not reach to them, in the long run mandatory NCERT books will prove to be more disservice than good. There will be another bunch of students, who are without knowledge without skill to grab good job.

Ø Mandatory NCERT Books will Make Job of Teachers Difficult: The rise of private players in school books was largely due to the inability of the NCERT books to educate the students and clear the concept. Had the Government been cautious enough at that time, a situation like today could not have arisen. And the private players have done their job remarkably by being able to provide concept for the NCERT books. The teachers of today, already overloaded doing all the things for their students, will start crying foul when there will be nothing (no book of private publishers) to help them wriggle out of problem.

The above mentioned reasons include but not limited to the reasons why NCERT Textbooks in CBSE Schools should not be mandatory.

                                                          ----Ashish Jha