Why 'Educated' People Abuse?

A couple of days back, I got an e-mail from a ' highly educated ' woman, who teaches at an MBA institute in Gurgaon. The language of her mail was so execrable with the choicest Hindi abuses of North that it shocked all because she also sent that mail to my friends on the mailing list. To top it all, she's a Doctorate degree. In my entire life, I've never used a single intentional abuse for any individual. Nor have I ever used words like 'tu'/ 'tum' even for my pets, let alone human beings. And here, this woman was abusing like an inmate of a red-light area.
This got me thinking. What's the use of education and degrees if one cannot control one's anger and resorts to language that can embarrass even the most shameless and utterly unlettered people? Does education really refine an individual? Does it indeed bring a qualitative difference to a person's overall thinking? Lastly, does it help become an individual better? These are the questions that have vexed even the seasoned educationists for years. A few years ago at Delhi University, I'd an argument with a Muslim professor, who happened to write poetry. That professor almost uttered, " You bloody bas....." I'm still thankful to him that he couldn't/ didn't complete the word 'bastard'.
The true test of a man's character and upbringing's when he/ she behaves in a fit of anger. We all can sound very cultured and 'diabetically sweet' in our social interactions when things are going our way. But the moment something happens, much to our dislike, we start showing our true colours shelving all our education and degrees. Proper education, coupled with values and a sense of decency and decorum can make a person behave like a gentleman. We all have feral instincts deep-seated in our collective consciousness. But value-based education can somewhat diminish our intrinsic barbarism. All our degrees are actually social accessories and means to getting us some lucrative jobs.

 Educationists like Cooper and Hendricks believe that above-average (or half ?) education actually makes a person haughty and arrogant. He or she thinks that others cannot be compared with them. "Adhjal gagri chalkat jaye" (Empty vessels make noise). Whether it's an MA, MSc degree or a Phd, we forget that this is nothing more than mere information. These have just ornamental value. True knowledge, let alone wisdom, cannot be attained by the so-called degrees and our school, college education. If Macaulay wanted the Indians to get educated to serve the English, nothing hasn't changed much since 1832. In an independent India, we educate ourselves to serve our lowly instincts and ossify them.      

                     ---- Sumit Paul