What Job Can I get with Information Technology Degree?

Every year hundreds and thousands of students are opting for technical institutions to make a secure and promising career in the IT field.  After completing the degree in Information technology a number of jobs waiting for you.  All you need is to just get a good percentage and acquire the technical and development skills that would come handy in the future.  Once you have complete your education, you can set out to explore the below-mentioned job opportunities. Select the one domain that attracts and inspires you the most.
·       Programmer: This is probably one of the best jobs you can after being an IT graduate. You can start your career as a software programmer or a web developer, depending upon your interest. In the starting you, will get trainee position in the most of the organizations. After experience of six months or a year, you’ll be probably promoted to the developer position. This is a great job with a very lucrative career and full of challenges. Here you’ll always have a chance to grow and learn something new.

·       Designer: If you have a flare of designing and love to create images and web pages, then designer is the best field for you. Create attractive and user-friendly user-interfaces for applications. For this you need to learn Adobe Photoshop, coral draw and other such applications. The demand of web designers is increasing day by day, which opens up a lot of opportunity for you.

·       Software tester: Testing is a very important part of application development. In large organizations, there is a separate testing team that ensures no application is launched without checking its efficiency on all aspects. This is probably the best job as you need to find errors. A sharp eye that allows you to find the bug is your helper at this job.

·       Database administrator: Handling database is a very serious task. Whether it’s about handling data of an organization or a particular client project, the role of a database administrator is very important. To get the job of a database administrator, you need to have a strong hold on any one of the database languages like Oracle, SQLServer and MySQL. Your role would be to manage data effectively and    ensure it is secure and does not reach in wrong hands. Apart from this data backup and recovery is also an important section.

·       Network engineer: Maintaining and managing networks is also an important part of every development organization. Get training and certification in networking and you’ll find some great options in this field. If you get into some good organization, then the salary prospects are also good.
·       Technical Writer: This job is a great for people those who have the technical knowledge along with an ability to express their view beautifully. Content is the king in the web development industry. So becoming a writer is also a good option.
These are among the few job types that you can get after a becoming an IT graduate. There are a lot other that you would find after proper research. 
                                ----Ashish Jha