Try to Avoid these Common Mistakes when Working on Magento

Today, the trend of online shopping is on all time high, and people are embracing this shopping style with love, adulation and find them in conformity with their busy time schedule. While developing any e-commerce store, the focus should be on customer satisfaction, and no effort should be spared to win the utmost satisfaction of the customers. A website should be created in such a way so that it can offer ease for customers to shop. Your website should be designed to perfection leaving out all those serious mistakes which could be very harmful for your business. Your focus should be on minimizing those mistakes, so that you could offer a quality platform for customers to shop.
Below mentioned are the three main categories mistakes related to Magento websites:

SEO mistakes:

l  Not changing tittle of home page, is one of the common mistakes. It is very important that you should change the title and turn it into something more relevant and useful.
l  One popular mistake that developers usually make it to leave the logo remained unchanged which appears on top left hand side of the web page.
l  Making the site-maps using the sample products and categories, and uploading it on Google.
l  Not using the canonical URL’s and messing up the site with duplicacy.
l  Having a layered navigation in a website, which is a strict no-no for SEO.

Technical Mistakes:

l  Changing the core files of Magento website in order to do speedy development. This alteration in core files can have adverse effect on a website.
l  Most of the developers while testing for any module or plugin, and during creation time, disable the caching module. This should not be done as it would hamper you from getting proper results. 
l  Choosing a wrong hosting plan, is also one of the common mistakes. The hosting plan should be selected in a manner which directly targets your audience.

Marketing Mistakes:

l  Today, the social media has become very powerful. It is very important to promote your Magento website across all social platforms. Many website owners forget to use this medium.
l  The checkout process of your Magento Website should be easy and comfortable so that customers won’t leave in mid-way.
l   Not providing proper and detailed information about products and services.

If you try to avoid these little and common mistakes, then quality of your  Magento e-commerce website will improve dramatically and you can increase your ROI(Return on Investment) manifold.
                                                              ----Ashish Jha