The Importance of Thanks and Sorry

How two seemingly simple words: Thanks  and sorry  make a huge difference to life and our social interactions
Perhaps the two most important words in any language is : Thanks and sorry. Though both the words seem very simple, their influence on social interactions is very great. It really makes a difference when we say thanks  after someone has done something (good) for us or say sorry  when we've done something wrong to someone. Both the words show our courtesy and upbringing. We may say, 'dosti mein no sorry, no thanks', the way Bhagyashri Patwardhan said in the cult film, 'Maine Pyar Kiya'(1990). But these two words do matter a lot. Thankfulness is a sign of maturity and saying sorry is acceptance of one's limitations. 

I remember, once in Calcutta, I gave two rupees to a beggar. He said thanks to me. It made me very happy. After a couple of days, I again gave him two rupees, just to hear thanks from him!! That a beggar had the courtesy to say thanks after receiving two rupees, was something I didn't bargain for and when this happened, I felt happy from the bottom of my heart.
Likewise, when someone genuinely says sorry to you, you forgive him/her because you know, he/she has the feeling and sense of doing something wrong. 

The same effect it has on others when we say sorry to them. Gratitude and error must be expressed wholeheartedly. Until we express them, we cannot feel the deep sense of joy that comes from within. When I was very young, I had a habit of never saying sorry to anyone despite my (childish) faults and follies. One day my teacher told me that if I never said sorry to anyone, no one would ever say sorry to me. Those words clicked. I began to say sorry after mischievously tearing the pages from my friends' copies and they too stopped complaining. This worked two ways. My bad habit came under control and there were less complaints against me with the teachers.

We seldom understand the importance of seemingly simple things until we realise their far-reaching influence in all walks of life. The saying that 'sorry and thanks can take you far' is a very apt one. These two words not only take a person far in life, they also give depth to our personality. Always remember, life consists of small things but those very small things make life much bigger. Ocean comprises innumerable drops, though a drop out of the ocean may have no value. Chhoti-chhoti baton se hi banta hai ye jagat (The world's made up of small things). Remember this and use these two words profusely. You'll be liked by all.         
                                                           Sumit Paul