Monk who Sold his Ferrari Syndrome'

Recently I met a lady. She must be in her early fifties. She loves to flaunt her absolutely bald pate. When someone asks her the reason, she starts sermonising that getting rid of hair on one's head is the ultimate sign of the abnegation of ego. Since a person's looks very much depend upon his/ her 'crowning glory', a bald pate shows the disappearance of ego and narcissism. Moreover, Tirupati's Balaji came to her dream and advised her to shave off!! I just dislike this condescending attitude of some spiritual snobs.
 Way back in the late sixties, there was a fad among the susceptible youngsters in the US not to wear any footwear. The biggest spiritual fraud Mahesh Yogi of India exhorted his disciples to get rid of footwear as walking barefoot was the sign of spiritual enlightenment. Rajnish, yet another swindler, told his disciples to wear loose maroon robes and no underwear (because it's quite convenient for having a 'quickie'!!). Can all these sartorial or appearance regimentation help abnegate one's ego? Isn't it also a kind of condensed ego to opt for an appearance that's different from that of others? The above-mentioned lady, who flaunts her bald head, is more egoistic than those she looks down upon as people with ego. She has the constant desire that people should ask her why she's donned this new look.
Getting rid of hair doesn't mean that one has also got rid of his/her ego, always an overused concept in damn spirituality. It's not an external action by which we explore our selves. One has to change from within and that too silently. Always remember that we all secretly suffer from the 'Monk who sold his Ferrari' syndrome. Every action of an individual, however sublime it may appear to the unsuspecting fools, has an ulterior motive. We're all attention seekers and most of us are actually suffering from ADS (Attention Deficiency Syndrome). Because of our perceived religio-spiritual superiority complex, which is a naked display of acute egoistical attention seeking, mankind has suffered miserably. Buddha and Mahavir's, two of the most wretched escapists the world has ever seen, so-called fashionable renunciation created a chain of escapists and utter failures in life to become sadhus  and sadhvis  because they know that this is the only way to earn daily bread and butter without doing anything.

The much-hyped 14th Dalai Lama lives in a palace at Dharmshala in Himachal Pradesh and is forever hemmed in by foreign dignitaries and celebrities like Richard Gere. Mind you, he calls himself 'an ordinary monk'!! You can't find a better example of deceptive egoism. Bohra community's (A Shia sub-sect) 'spiritual head' Syedana lives in a fortified palace and tells other Bohras to live with austerity as Allah loves people who lead an austere life!! Yet we still go by ostensible symbols and totems and think that those who've gone bald or relinquished everything are so great and superior to others.              
                                                                                                                                   ------Sumit Paul