IT Jobs Overseas

Information technology or IT – is a buzz phrase you’ve heard everywhere. It is one of the fastest growing fields and has some very great opportunities for individuals.  Those who are planning to make their career overseas; IT is probably the best option for them. Here is a list of the top IT jobs overseas that you can easily find.
1. IT consultant
The job of IT consultant is ranking number 13 on CNN’s most recent Best Jobs in America list. For some people, the work of being an IT consultant may sound a little vague. But it is a very great career option.  The job role comprises of evaluating the systems and does the research that no one else can perform. From start-ups to large organizations, every company is in search of this talented IT consultant.
Education qualification: Bachelor’s degree in computer science or IT.
Average Salary: $96,400,

2. Cloud architect
Cloud computing is the new hot and you might have probably heard about it. The job role of a cloud architect is to manage the storage space by providing it architecture. The requirements of cloud architects are increasing at a very rapid pace. It is one of the highest paying IT jobs overseas. 
Education: A bachelor’s degree in IT or computer science.
Average Salary: $112,000
3. Computer forensic investigator
The role of a Computer forensic investigator is to search, identify and evaluate information from computer system or networks that could be helpful for trial evidence.  With the technology getting faster and faster, use of technology for crimes is also increasing. Therefore, the needs of this job role are expected to greatly increase in the coming years.
Education: A degree in computer forensics or cyber security.
Average Salary: $64,000
4. Health IT specialist
Health IT is a rapidly growing as the healthcare industry is planning itself to make technology ready. The job role majorly deals with maintaining data and health records. Medical coding, billing, registration are among the job responsibilities. There is a great demand of health IT specialists overseas.

Education: bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science or IT.
Average Salary: $45,000

5. Mobile application developer
Today, people are obsessed with smarthphones and mobile apps are the new hot. Therefore the job of mobile app developers is gaining importance and you can find some very great offers overseas. The role is to create mobile applications for a number of platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and much more. You need to have sound knowledge about programming languages.
Education: Bachelor’s in computer science or mobile computer.
Average Salary: $90,000

6. Web developer
A web developer is jacks of all trades and has to perform a number of tasks. Web developers create web applications, websites, e-commerce stores, online portals and much more. You need to have a thorough understanding of operating system along with HTML,, CSS and JavaScript. It is one of the fastest growing jobs you would find overseas
Education: Degree programs in web programming languages.
Average Salary: $90,000
Do you own research, apply for the position that suits your educational qualifications and requirements the most. And then start your wonderful IT career overseas.

                             Ashish Jha