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Monday, February 20, 2017

IT Jobs in UAE

The craze of IT job opportunities in UAE is increasing day by day. People from every nook and cranny of the world are coming to UAE for better job opportunities. Though real estate has always remained a very powerful sector in the area, but with technological advancement there is a boost in IT jobs too. Skilled professionals around the world are opting for UAE in spite of America and UK. Thought the culture, religion and lifestyle of UAE is completely different from the North America and European region, still people from the IT industry are willing to get a job here.  But the IT industry is growing in certain areas of UAE. So before, you start your search; have some knowledge about the places you should focus.

·       Dubai:  Dubai has always been famous for the most lucrative jobs in the world. As a software developer, system analyst and database administrator, you can find some great jobs over here.  The salary is always higher than what you’ll get in America, as the government want the best talent. Apart from this you have a chance to enjoy the life complete king size over here.
·       Saudi Arabia: For people who are looking for higher paying jobs at the cost of some limitations must choose Saudi Arabia. As compared to Dubai, Saudi has a very restrictive and conservative lifestyle, which may be a problem to many. But the endless job opportunities for IT professionals make it a good option.
·       Oman: As IT and communication industry is growing fast over here, there are new IT job vacancies over here. If you have an experience of few years in America, then you can easily get top position jobs over here. This is a great place for IT professionals who want to take a leap forward in their career.
·       Bahrain:  One of the fastest growing areas of UAE, it is becoming an IT hub and financial center. You’ll find some great IT jobs of UAE in Bahrain. Many large IT companies of the world are setting up their business on Bahrain. So a meaty of IT jobs, less tax deduction and modern lifestyle, make this place a heaven for IT programmers, designers, testers and analysts.

·       Kuwait: Previously this region was mainly dedicated to the energy sector, but lately the area has seen a setup of numerous other industries. Among them, IT is one hot option. IT jobs and vacancies are present in plenty of numbers over here.
·       Qatar: If wish to earn more money and save a lot, then IT jobs in Qatar is the best option for you.  It is an alluring destination to make money because of the least tax imposition. So you cannot just earn good but save a lot too.  

Search for a right job in UAE and start your journey towards a high-end lifestyle that you have always wished for. Skyscrapers, better facilities, rich lifestyle and better opportunities for growth make UAE a good option for IT professionals.  
                                                      -----Ashish Jha

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