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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Information Technology Types of Jobs

The field of information technology has always provided a great ground for individuals to build a promising career. And the beauty of this industry lies in the vast variety of jobs it offers. From the database to designing and development to maintenance, there are hundreds of sub-domains of work.
Here is a list of some of the top jobs related to Information technology:
·       Software engineer: One of the most sought after jobs in the IT field, this job requires good coding skills and efficient logical thinking. It is one of the highest paid jobs and is also known by the names software architect or application programmer.

·       Web Developer: Web development has always remained a very interesting field. Individuals who develop applications for web are known as a web developer. As the internet is growing, web developers now require carrying out some hardcore programming in order to create effective web apps.

·       System Analyst: This job requires some experience as it requires you to extract the information, analyse it and then work to develop the right system. Based on the requirements of clients, analyst needs to create feasible solutions.

·       Technical Support: The job requires you to have some amazing problem-solving skills. As most of the end-users are technically not so sound, they end up with some technical problems. It is the job of a technical support officer to listen to their problems patiently and provide the right solution. Patience is the key to success in this job.

·       Business Analyst: This role requires you to have a mix of technical knowledge and business management. The job requires an individual to listen to the requirements of clients and ask the technical team to carry it out. A great communication skill is the right way to excel in this job.

·       Technical Sales: The job profile is to sell some hardware or software products to customers. For this job, it is not necessary to have a technical degree, but knowledge about the product is very important. So technical knowledge plays an important role in this job profile.

·       Network Engineer: In this job the individual requires to create or maintain networks within the organization or among a number of organizations. The role consists of many sub roles inside like managing network, upgrading communication, ensuring security within the network and much more.

·       Technical Author: This job requires a combination of good quality skills and a technical knowledge. The individuals needs to write about technologies, technical details about and product, software operating guidelines, system requirements and much more.

·       Project Manager:  A lot of experience and a thorough understanding about project handling are required for this role. Project managers handle every aspect of a work right from start to finish. Organizational skills, ability to motivate team members and team work are among some of the qualities required. 
If you are interested to make a career in this field, you can choose any one of the domains mentioned below. IT is full of opportunities and a very good platform to make all you dream come true. 
                                             -----Ashish Jha

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