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Friday, February 17, 2017

Information Technology jobs without a Degree

The exorbitant cost of a traditional four-year college education has made a lot of people think whether they can go for it or not. Apart from this the interest rates on student’s loans are increasing every year. Some students may even leave their home for a degree in technical field which adds up to the charges of staying and accommodation too. This inflation and increasing expenditure has made many high school grads to find a more affordable path to make a career in the technology field.  But the alternative path is not so easy, as it requires to you to attend community colleges, get certifications, learning on your own, and, gain experience at the similar time. You need to be very hardworking and focused during this learning phase.

According to the recruitment officers present in some of the largest tech-companies, when they go to find the right candidate the only thing that matters to them is the skills and experience. Having a four year degree is a secondary thing. If you have the right set of skills, then degree cannot become a block in your path to success.  So the best way to get experience before grabbing your first job is through the various internship programs. These programs help you to know about the work in real time.
There are a number of companies present in the market ranging from small ones, to mid-sized and the giants, who are hiring individuals without the pre-requisite of having a technical degree. Here are some of the jobs that you can probably fetch in spites of not having a degree in the field of information technology. 
1: Junior Data Analyst
For this job you need to have knowledge of SQL or Oracle which you can easily get by joining a class. You can even get certifications, to find this sort of job easily. The job would involve mining and analysis of data at small organizations. After some years of experience, you can be a database administrator at a leading tech-organization.
2: Front-End Web Designer
This job is purely based on your creativity and knowledge about some front-end developing software. It has very little to do with your college degree. There are a number of online tutorials present in the internet which could help you to learn CSS, HTML5, JavaScript and other such tools.
3: Consultant:
Business consultant is another very good option for you if have a flare in it. To kick career in this direction you need to believe in yourself.  A four-year degree becomes less important if you have the right set of skills along with a business mind.

4: Mainframe Support Technician
This job is very great and opportunities are increasing as cloud-based technologies are making their way in the market. All you require is just a basic training which is currently being provided by many of the employers’ themselves. Companies like IBM are having huge demands of these technicians. It is a very good paying job.
5: Mobile Application Developer
As the smartphone app market is expanding day by day, companies are looking for individuals having a little bit of experience in this field, whether they have a technical degree or not. It is a very interesting and challenging field allowing you a chance to show your creativity by providing out-of-the-box solutions.

Focus on any particular job you like, and get ready to make a career in IT field without a degree.

 Ashish Jha