How to Repair Corrupted Data Files in QuickBooks?

                                                                                                           QuickBooks is as "bug" .It is a free product in the market and is like a troublesome for applications. Intuit is incredible beta testing process for new version and the company. Many issues are released periodically throughout the year as users report and the programmers resolve those issues. Intuit’s ability is to resolve almost every issue in the application which users report according to size. With almost 4 million users and a single click error reporting option, Intuit is able to catalog issues quickly. Intuit is a database and all databases and all applications do have issues from time to time. Intuit Advisors are to resolve many issues as possible for our clients. The alternative is to work through Intuit's data repair department.
 Focus on QuickBooks
   The focus on QuickBooks data repair is to, fold, involving both risk reduction and repair. This article addresses both. Reducing the Risk of File Corruption and Reducing Corruption Risk - File Size, monitoring database fragments, our Client's Local Area Network, Wireless Networks, General Network maintenance Terminal Servers.
Reducing the Risk of File Corruption                                                                             
There are many clients to reduce the risk of QuickBooks file corruption. Interpreting the Product Window shows valuable information about the QuickBooks program, when you open the data file, while analyzing your client, QuickBooks files important information. We must keep in our mind that our clients installed the most recent QuickBooks update, the size of the QuickBooks file is reasonable and the client lists should not exceed the 28,000 limitation for Items and the 14,000 limitation for customers, vendors, employees and other names. When factoring file growth, consider both the historical growth of the file, and projected growth of the company and any changes the company intends to make in the use of QuickBooks like preparing their own payroll.To access the Product Information window shown below, open the QuickBooks data file and then press F2.
Reducing Corruption Risk - File Size                                                                The size of the file is a major factor in corruption prevention. The larger files do not necessarily become corrupted, the larger the file the greater the risk. In our experience (and there are many variables) this increase in risk escalates quickly as the file size reaches about 500MB for QuickBooks Pro and Premier and about 1GB for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. We should monitor the size of our clients’ QuickBooks files and keep the sizes at or below these levels if at all possible. There are numerous ways to reduce the size of your client's data files. Use the Portable Company File process to reduce file size.
Reducing Corruption Risk - Monitoring Database Fragments            
The Product Information window also shows you the number of database fragments for any given file. According to a source at Intuit's data repair department,  running Rebuild Data utility too frequently increase your risk of file corruption. It is simple math subject the law of averages. The utility is very safe and requires you to backup the file prior to the rebuild. We should limit the prevention intended rebuilds to a handful per year.
Reducing Corruption Risk - Your Client's Local Area Network 
 The condition of the client's Local Area Network (LAN) can have a significant impact on the propensity for QuickBooks data file corruption. The Wireless Networks are the "arch nemesis" of the QuickBooks data file. The QuickBooks file is sensitive to unexpected disconnections and wireless networks have a much greater propensity to have connection interruptions than connections via Ethernet cable. Strongly caution your clients not to use network QuickBooks using wireless connections. If the network has a wireless router at all, consider that some computers may have both Ethernet and wireless network adapters. To ensure the computer uses the Ethernet connection and not the wireless connection, the client should either turn off the wireless signal completely or take steps to prevent the computers with wireless network adapters from connecting to the wireless router.
General Network Maintenance   
  Substandard, obsolete or poorly configured routers can impact both the performance of QuickBooks in a multiuser environment and can increase the risk of file corruption. The concept here is the similar to wireless connections. If the configuration of the server or the condition of the hardware causes periodic interruptions in a user's connection, this interruption can cause a QuickBooks file corruption.
Terminal Servers                                                                                                Terminal Services allows each workstation to share the server¡¯s desktop ¨C much like Desktop Sharing only much faster. When you use Terminal Services, you still need a QuickBooks license for each unique QuickBooks user, but you do not install QuickBooks on each workstation. Instead, you install one license of QuickBooks on the server and you store the data file on the server as well. Then, all QuickBooks users on the network run the QuickBooks application stored on the server ¨C up to 30 users running a single installation of QuickBooks (for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions). This networking model is very different from the standard network configuration where QuickBooks resides on each workstation. Because the data file and the application are on the same hard drive, QuickBooks will perform significantly better and each QuickBooks user's connection to the QuickBooks data file is much more stable. In a Terminal Services environment the workstations do not need to be as powerful, but you will need to purchase a high end server. You may also prefer to use a separate server just for the QuickBooks program.
Repairing QuickBooks Data Files       
The types of data file corruptions are numerous and the methods to repair them are even more numerous. We should use the most effective and practical repair techniques, designed to repair the widest range of issues. Repairing Problems Detected by the Verify Data Utility.
Data corruptions can cause imbalances in the Balance Sheet and typically do so on both the cash and accrual basis. Performing the steps above will often resolve the imbalance.

                                               ------Ashish Jha