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Saturday, February 18, 2017

How to Celebrate Father’s Day?

June 21st is coming close and you might be thinking about the right ways to celebrate father’s day. The first thing is to ensure that your darling daddy has no other plans for the day. By hook or by crook you must ensure that the day is available for you so that you could plan something great.  To help out all the guys and the girls, we have come up with some of these amazing ways in which you can make the day special for your father.
·       Go on jogging with him: Father always complains of the bad habits of kids waking up late in the morning. So try to get up early on the father’s day and give him company while jogging. The happiness on his face will be priceless.
·       Plan a secret lunch and invite his friends: Make a list of all his favourite foods, prepare them or order whatever you like. Apart from this invite some of his friends for the lunch, as there is nothing better than meeting an old friend. If the weather is nice then you can plan for a barbeque too.
·       Unite the family: If your father always longs for his family and haven’t met them for a long time, then uniting generations would be a good idea. Just call your grandfather, grandmother, uncle and aunts to find out whether they are free for the day. And if luckily they are you can plan for a small get together, where your father can relive hi childhood memories.
·       Spend the whole day with your day: Usually when it comes to expressing emotions and sharing time, the mother gets most of the share. But on this father’s day try to ensure that you have the entire day for your dad. No phone, no social media, no Whatsapp, no friends, just you and your dad. This will make him really happy.
Try for anyone these ways to celebrate father’s day and see your dad smiling.
Different gifts on father’s day for different daddy types
Your best friend is buying a cool pair of sunglasses for his dad to gift on this father’s day. But your father doesn’t like wearing shades, then what to present him on the birthday? Every dad his different from the other, and therefore you must choose the gift based in his likings. It’s not important what your friend is gifting to his dad might be the best option for your father.
Below are mentioned some of the gift options for different daddy types:
·       The music lover: If your daddy is a music lover, then gifting him with some great music speaker can be a great option. Or what about an iPod? There are plenty of options available for a music lover; you just need to go to a music store.
·       The gadget lover: It’s not necessary that the young generation is gadget freak; your dad can also be one of them. There are plenty of cool gadgets available in the market like the Apple watches, and Google glass. So just pick any of them and gift your dad on this June 21. 
·       The beer lover: If you’re young enough to have a glass of beer with your dad, then take him to some local beer event on this father’s day. In case there is no such event on the day, then you can gift him some super cool beer holders and glasses that are available in the market.
·       The garden lover: If gardening is the thing that makes your dad really happy, then buy some gardening aprons and gardening gloves for him. So next time when he spends his time in the garden, he won’t be worried about his hand and clothes getting dirty. 
So recognize and find in which category your daddy falls. Once you’ve figured it out, finding gifts for him would be easy.
                              -----Ashish Jha

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