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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Grateful Family Remembers Prabhash Kumar Chaudhary

22nd February, 1998….the day and date..albeit inauspicious…has an indelible impression on the minds of the family of Former Zonal Manager,  LIC of India and Sahitya Akademi Award Winner Mr Prabhash Chaudhary.  He has so many sobriquets to his credit— the Father of Family, Hadbad, Man of Miracle, the visionary, the Leader, Versatile so on and so forth.

Arguably, he is the most talked-about person, in the world of literature. His intellectual fertility, linguistic brevity and Love All Ignore None approach endeared him to all. The grateful family remembers him today.

Pankaj Jha, when asked about Mr Chaudhary opined, “Barka Mama was  gem of a person. It is really very hard to name few of his attributes, for he was a complete package of virtues. Ahh.. how to start…and how to conclude! He had an all-pervading quality, there was a trickle-down effect of his presence. I can vividly remember all the things coming in order the moment the very news of his expected arrival would come. He would never ignore any one…no matter how insignificant that person may be. He would respect each and every one, respecting fully his entity, his thought, his emotions. He would never let anyone down.

Amita Jha too had fulsome praise for her Barka Mama. In the twinkling of an eye she started saying, “ I always remember him as a man of boundless joviality. He was like a God. Till the time he was with us, no one needed to worry about the future worries for he was the Panacea for all the Problems, either supposed or the real ones. I think if I need to describe him in a single word, I would call him ideal. Ideal son, ideal brother, ideal husband, ideal father, ideal uncle and of course Ideal Barka Mama. You could not have asked anything more of him.

Sushmita Jha remembers her Barka Mama as the man who always triumphs. She, as a child would ask her mother, grandmother not to go on with same Vikram Baital story. She would insist them to tell her about Barka Mama as she idolized, revered and held him in high esteem. For her, he was like a magnet nothing could dare go out of his aura.

Along with the mentioned Members of the family, Praveen Jha and Arvind Jha’s opinion was also sought. Both the siblings remembered their Barka Mama as a man with larger-than-life persona.

                                                                     -----Ashish Jha


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