Holistic Holi

Can any festival be confined to a specific community? Never. A festival belongs to all, regardless of silly, man-made differences and discrimination. Of all festivals, Holi perfectly captures and encapsulates the bonhomie that transcends race, religion, country and language. During my extensive research in the field of linguistics and ancient languages, I even came across 14th century Tamil and Malayalam Biblical texts written by the European missionaries who extolled the positive aspects of Holi and called it ' a festival of angels played in heaven.'

 As a homonym, Holi is wholesomeness. It's a holistic festival with a universal flavour. When Raskhan and Rasleen, the two great poets of Braj language who dedicated their whole lives to eulogising Krishna, describes his (Krishna's) gamboling withgopis on the occasion of Holi, who can dare question the religion of these great poets? When Ghalib writes, 'Rang utarte hain zeest mein Holi ke sang' (Life gets colourful with holi), who bothers to know Ghalib's faith? 

To cut the matter short, Holi has a transcendental appeal. I've visited Pakistan a number of times and seen Pakistani Muslims play Holi with gaiety. Holi fills the hearts and minds with colours and colours describe life. 'Zindagi adhoori hai rangon ke bina/Jyon hatheli sooni hai baghair hina ' (Life is incomplete sans colours/ Just like, a palm is lacklustre withouthina/mehndi). 

We need colours in life to make it positive and full of optimism. Colours symbolise inspiration, optimism and hope. And which festival is better than Holi in serving this noble and ebullient purpose? 

'Rang bikher do har soo/Aayee Holi, poori hui arzoo' (Scatter colours everywhere/With Holi, the desire is fulfilled). Ahsaan Kaamil's couplet bespeaks the sprightliness of Holi. This is one festival that doesn't discriminate and is bereft of all disparities. Let's play Holi and spread the colours in these rather gloomy times and climes.

Remember, life is enjoyable when we imbibe all colours of it, even the sombre ones, for the completeness of life consists of the entire spectrum of colours so richly provided by Holi. The gamut of life's emotions is limned so beautifully by the colours of Holi.

Enjoy it and paint the world with a wide range of colours!

Happy Holi 2017 Messages
Life is full of colors,
May be this HOLI festival,
You even had more colors in your life,

And you enjoyed them at their brightest shade..
I wish you that even after the HOLI,
Those colors be there in your life and
always spawning around you creating beautiful 


Happy Holi to YOU!
                                                 -----Sumit Paul