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Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Tribute to Bespectacled Women

Years back Dorothy Parker wrote, " Men seldom make passes / At women who wear glasses." But is that true? Isn't it purely a matter of personal preference? I, for one, have always been fascinated by women wearing glasses. I'm of the opinion that the choice of frames makes a woman (and also, a man) desirable or undesirable. Glasses lend a modicum of respectibility to a person and make  him / her look intelligent, even if intelligence and that person has always been at loggerheads with each other! But generally it's been found that those who wear glasses are often above-average in intelligence. That's the reason, our Bollywood actors are nowadys resorting to wearing glasses to atone for their lack of grey cells. I'm forgetting the name of a contemporary English poet who so succinctly wrote: "

A beautiful lady teacher wearing glasses / Maddens all the boys in her classes." Pretty true. Very many youngsters have a weakness for their ravishing lady teachers and if the teachers wear stylish glasses, this fascination reaches a feverish pitch. Ogden Nash wrote an incomplete poem: My teacher in glasses  and sent that poem to his beautiful lady teacher, who insisted to complete it or else she'd not give him a peck! Needless to say, Nash completed that poem 'ere long to get her bespectacled teacher's peck on his cheek. Glasses indeed enhance a woman's personality, provided she knows how to carry herself. It's said that three things can never lose their charm: Saree, long hair and a sleek black frame. 
Opticians across the world are of the opinion that despite colourful, golden or silver frames, what has stood the test of time is: A simple and frill-free black frame. There's no substitute for it. Why women and often men look clownish, because the kind of frames they choose. Yellow, pink. shocking red and psychadelic frames may be temporary fashion statements, they don't make a person look dignified and cultured. They make people look like our Simean cousins. Dustin Hoffman used to say that ," Colourful frames don't add colours to a person's life."

During my school and college days, I used to fall for beautiful bespectacled girls and of course, lady teachers as I'd almost a fetish for them. Alas, all glassy girls turned out to be glass-ceilings for me. They were all engaged!! And now when I'm in love with a girl who doesn't wear spectacles, I've given her a subtle hint that she wear glasses. So, I've always been intrigued by glass-wearing girls not wearing glasses in their wedding photographs. Instead, they prefer to use contact lenses. 

Playboy 's ever-romantic Hugh Heffner is a great admirer of bespectacled beauties. It's Playboy that carried centrespreads of beautiful playmates in spectacles. And they didn't wear them for the shoots! Heffner once said, " I don't like my playmates  wearing anything, barring their glasses." When'll we get to see bespectacled models in India? We must change our attitude towards those girls who wear glasses. After all, perceptions of beauty lie in the eyes of the beholders and 'glassy is classy'.    

                                                                 ----- Sumit Paul


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