8 Tips to Get your Site Ready for Christmas

 It’s only November and the holiday season is a month away, getting ready for the holiday season is something you have to do well in advance. Ready your site for the festive season as it have a major effect on the sales.

If you want to drive more traffic and increase sales this Christmas go through these 8 tips:

 1. Handle holiday traffic

To avoid losing sales, "ensure your website can handle traffic increases, especially when large promotions hit. Generally during festive season traffic increases at a tremendous rate, as a result, the speed of the site get slow down which leads to a compromised user experience. So optimized your site in a way that it can efficiently handle the extra traffic.

2. Have a mobile friendly website

 As in today’s world mobile shoppers are more in numbers. Now each and every person doing online task mostly on their smartphones and tablets, so it is essential to launch a mobile-friendly website. The mobile friendly website will significantly help you to connect to your target audience.

3. Use images and give your site a festive feel

Images play a big role in attracting customers, photos play a big role in capturing the attention and hearts of shoppers. So try to keep the photo of the product in high resolution. Same with graphics and theme change your theme and background into the festive season. Because picture and theme approach always appeal directly to the customer.

4. Offer live chat facility

It is simple that who spend bucks, need assurance that whether he is spending his money on the right product or not. For this site should also give its full cooperation by giving the facility of live chat. Prepare your live chat operations to accommodate consumer expectations and changes in traffic during the festive season.

5. Product shareable

Encourage customers to share favorite products from your site across their social networks by integrating social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ etc buttons onto pages.
Also, show the likes, favorites and recommendations of other influencers.

6. Use video and 360-degree images

The power of videos and 360-degree photography is effective to engage customers on your store. Videos and 360-degree images build customer confidence and increase time spent on site which dramatically increases your SEO, traffic, conversions, and revenue.
This approach will transform your customer experience by better showcasing your products.

7. Free or discounted shipping -- and provide shipment tracking

Try to provide the comfort zone to your customer as far as possible cut their shipping cost in the form of discount. Or make the shipping service free. With this provide service of shipment tracking, so that customers can easily track his order without any delay if it fails to deliver on a due date.

8. Reach out to old customers

Holiday or any festive season is the best time to knock at the door of your old customers and bring them to your store again. Send them personal emails, greetings, and coupons. Contacting them early, before most people begin thinking about the holidays, can help you get their attention.

So don’t sit idle, follow these 8 master tips and earn on this festive season as much as you can.

                                     -----Ashish Jha