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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

8 Tips to Control Diabetes

Summary: Diabetes is a silent killer. If it is not taken seriously early enough, it may lead to serious health complications and life-threatening diseases. Therefore, no effort should be spared to control it after it gets diagnosed. There are some tips that need to follow to prevent this disease to progress further and pose serious problems.

iabetes is one of the most dreadful diseases world over. The disease itself is the major reason of gum disease, loss of teeth, eye problems that may lead to impediment of vision and even blindness, nerve damage, kidney problems that may cause kidney failure, heart attack, stroke, etc.
However, the health conscious diabetics of today manage to avoid the long-term impact of diabetes by following some health-related practices rigorously. If you are a diabetic and want to stay away from the repercussions of this disease, following some tips will help you manage good health and stay away from the health complications arising out of diabetes.
Given below are 8 tips that will help you control diabetes:
Check your Blood Glucose Daily: Maintain a record book of your blood glucose level. Check your blood glucose daily and make an entry in your record book. If you have low blood glucose level, treat it quickly.
Healthy Eating: Stick to the healthy eating plan, your doctor has prepared. The diet plan is prepared and recommended to the persons suffering from diabetes to keep their blood glucose levels under check. So, it will always be a prudent move, not to argue or question the diet that comes on your plate.
Medicines: Skipping the diabetic drug even a single day may cost you dearly. Hence, do not skip the medicines as directed by your doctor. Also, do not tinker with its dose and timing. Make sure that you have enough medicine for at least one week. Do not make the habit of searching the medicine when you have not any.
Check your Feet Everyday: In the blood of diabetics, glucose gets deposited in heavy amount and that give rise to a number of foot-related complications. If these complications are not treated promptly in time, serious diseases may also occur. Hence, check your feet everyday and take any cuts, blisters, sores, or sore toenails seriously.
Take Good Care of your Mouth: Excess presence of glucose in blood triggers pain, infection and other problems in parts of mouth, such as teeth, gums, inside of your cheeks, jaw and tissues, such as tongue. Therefore, you need to take care of your mouth. Brush and floss your teeth regularly.
Control your Blood Pressure: Diabetics tend to have high blood pressure. High blood pressure is the root cause of the diabetes-related complications, such as diabetic eye and kidney problem. Though blood pressure readings may vary, but ideally for a diabetic, it should be less than 130/80 mmHg. Having normal blood pressure is a must to prevent diabetes-related complications. You can prevent high blood pressure by eating healthily, limiting intake of salt in your diet, maintaining a healthy body weight and exercising.

Report any Change in your Eyesight: Too much glucose in blood (in case of diabetics) damages part/s of eye. Diabetic eye disease may cause low vision, blurred vision or permanent loss of vision. You may not experience any problems with your vision, till the time the damage becomes severe. Therefore, get an eye test done at least once a year, even if you do not experience any vision-related problems. Also, report any change in your eyesight.
Quit Smoking: Smokers are 30-40 % more likely to develop type 2 diabetes in comparison to the non-smokers. Smokers with diabetes tend to have at higher risk for getting serious health complications, such as heart and kidney disease. If you are a smoker and are diagnosed with diabetes, quitting smoking will help you stay away from serious diseases.
It is important here to know that the above-mentioned tips include, but not limited to the tips that need to follow to contain the progression of Diabetes.

                                                                                                                         -------Ashish Jha

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